• LQ-LS Series Screw Conveyor

    LQ-LS Series Screw Conveyor

    This conveyor is suitable for multiple powder. Working together with packaging machine, the conveyor of the product feeding is controlled to retain the product level in the product cabinet of packaging machine. And the machine can be used independently. All parts are made of stainless steel except the motor, bearing and support frame.

    When the screw is rotating, under the multiple force of pushing of blade, gravity force of material, friction force between material and tube inwall, inner friction force of the material. The material move forward inside the tube with the form of relative slide between the screw blades and tube.

  • LQ-BLG Series Semi-auto Screw Filling Machine

    LQ-BLG Series Semi-auto Screw Filling Machine

    LG-BLG series semi-auto screw filling machine is designed according to the standards of Chinese National GMP. Filling, weighing can be finished automatically. The machine is suitable for packing powdery products such as milk powder, rice powder, white sugar, coffee, monosodium, solid beverage, dextrose, solid medicament, etc.

    The filling system is driven by servo-motor which have the features of high precision, large torque, long service life and the rotation could be set as requirement.

    The agitate system assemble with the reducer which is made in Taiwan and with the features of low noise, long service life, maintenance-free for all its life.

  • LQ-BKL Series Semi-auto Granule Packing Machine

    LQ-BKL Series Semi-auto Granule Packing Machine

    LQ-BKL series semi-auto granule packing machine is specially developed for granular materials and designed strictly according to GMP standard. It could finish weighing, filling automatically. It is suitable for all kinds of granular foods and condiments such as white sugar, salt, seed, rice, aginomoto, milk powder, coffee, sesame and washing powder.