• LQ-ZP Automatic Rotary Tablet Pressing Machine

    LQ-ZP Automatic Rotary Tablet Pressing Machine

    This machine is a continuous automatic tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablets. Rotary tablet pressing machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and also in the chemical, food, electronic, plastic and metallurgical industries.

    All the controller and devices are located in one side of the machine, so that it can be easier to operate. An overload protection unit is included in the system to avoid the damage of the punches and apparatus, when overload occurs.

    The machine’s worm gear drive adopts fully-enclosed oil-immersed lubrication with long service-life, prevent cross pollution.

  • LQ-TDP Single Tablet Press Machine

    LQ-TDP Single Tablet Press Machine

    This machine is used for molding different kinds of granular raw materials into round tablets. It is applicable to trial manufacturing in Lab or batch produce in small amount different kinds of tablet, sugar piece, calcium tablet and tablet of abnormal shape. It features a small desktop type press for motive and continual sheeting. Only one pair of punching die can be erected on this press. Both filling depth of material and thickness of tablet are adjustable.

  • LQ-CFQ Deduster 

    LQ-CFQ Deduster 

    The LQ-CFQ deduster is an auxiliary mechanism of high tablet press to remove some powder stuck on surface of tablets in pressing process. It is also equipment for conveying tablets, lump drugs, or granules without dust and can be suitable for joining with an absorber or a blower as a vacuum cleaner. It has high efficiency, better dust-free effect, lower noise, and easy maintenance. The LQ-CFQ deduster is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, etc.

  • LQ-BY Coating Pan 

    LQ-BY Coating Pan 

    The tablet coating machine (sugar coating machine) is used to pills for pharmaceutical and sugar coating the tablets and food industries. It is also used for rolling and heating beans and edible nuts or seeds.

    The tablet coating machine is widely used for making tablets, sugar-coat pills, polishing and rolling food demanded by the pharmacy industry, chemical industry, foods, research institutes and hospitals. It can also produce new medicine for research institutions. The sugar-coat tablets that are polished possess a bright appearance. The intact solidified coat is formed and the surface sugar’s crystallization can prevent the chip from oxidative deterioration volatilization and cover the improper flavor of the chip. In this way, tablets are easier to be identified and their solution inside human stomachs can be lessened.

  • LQ-BG High Efficient Film Coating Machine

    LQ-BG High Efficient Film Coating Machine

    The efficient coating machine consists of major machine, slurry spraying system, hot-air cabinet, exhaust cabinet, atomizing device and computer programming control system.It can be widely used for coating various tablets, pills and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film and sugar film etc.

    The tablets make complicated and constant movement with easy and smooth turn in a clean and closed drum of the film coating machine. The coating mixed round in the mixing drum are sprayed on tablets by the spray gun at the inlet through the peristaltic pump. Meanwhile under the action of air exhaust and negative pressure, clean hot air is supplied by the hot air cabinet and is exhausted from the fan at the sieve meshes through tablets. So these coating mediums on the surface of tablets get dry and form a coat of firm, fine and smooth film. The whole process is finished under the control of PLC.