• LQ-ZP-400 Bottle Capping Machine

    LQ-ZP-400 Bottle Capping Machine

    This automatic rotary plate capping machine is our new designed product recently. It adopts rotary plate to positioning the bottle and capping. The type machine is widely used in packaging cosmetic, chemical, foods, pharmaceutical, pesticides industry and so on. Besides plastic cap, it is workable for the metal caps as well.

    The machine is controlled by air and electricity. The working surface is protected by stainless steel. The whole machine meets the requirements of GMP.

    The machine adopts mechanical transmission, transmission accuracy, smooth, with low loss, smooth work, stable output and other advantages, especially suitable for batch production.

  • LQ-XG Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

    LQ-XG Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

    This machine includes automatically cap sorting, cap feeding, and capping function. The bottles are entering in line, and then continuous capping, high efficiency. It’s widely used in industries of cosmetic, food, beverage, medicine, biotechnology, health care, personal care chemical and etc. it’s suitable for all kinds of bottles with screw caps.

    On the other hand, it can connect with auto filling machine by conveyor. and also can connect with electromagetic sealing machine according to the customers’ requirements.

    Delivery time: Within 7 days.