The Daily Use Range And Purpose Of The Packaging Machine

After the packaging machine has been used for a period of time, there will be electrical failures. The current of the heat sealing roller is too large or the fuse is blown. The reason may be: there is a short circuit in the electric heater or a short circuit in the heat sealing circuit. The reason why the heat sealing roller is not hot is: one heating wire is blown, the second fuse is blown, and the third temperature control is faulty. At this time, different temperatures are set, and the traffic lights do not jump.

The temperature cannot be controlled automatically. The first reason for the high temperature is that the thermocouple is in poor or damaged contact with the roller. The second reason is that the temperature controller is faulty. The photoelectric position of the packaging machine is not allowed for pillow-type packaging machinery. Reason 1: The fuse of the controller is broken, or there is a fault inside. Reason 2: The wrapping paper is not installed properly, so that the center of the competition does not pass the center of the photoelectric head aperture. Reason 3: There is dirt on the photoelectric head. Reason 4: The sensitivity knob is not adjusted properly.

LQ-BTH-700+LQ-BM-700L Automatic High Speed Side Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine(1)

There is also the failure of the packaging machine mechanism itself: some mechanisms cannot be started: Reason 1: The motor and the wiring are broken: connect the broken line, if the motor is faulty, the motor should be replaced. Reason 2: The fuse is blown: replace the fuse with the same amperage value. Reason 3: The connecting screws and keys of the gears are loose: To re-tighten the loose screws and keys, start from the motor and check according to the transmission sequence. Reason 4: Foreign objects fall into the gears and other rotating parts. At this time, the motor makes abnormal noise. If it is not handled in time, the motor will be easily burned and the foreign objects will be taken out.

Post time: Sep-13-2022